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  • Tree Stump Removal

  • Tree Felling

  • Tree Planting

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Lopping

  • Tree Diseases

  • Tree Pollarding

  • Crown Reduction

Hastings Tree Surgeon Services


hastings tree surgeon

After the heavy lifting work of removing a tree, there is usually a sturdy stump left behind. You have the option of leaving it untouched or grinding it away.

Stumps left in the ground can attract unwanted visitors and can disrupt the mowing of your lawn. Our stump busters can help you!

Our tree surgeons have the equipment and experience to dig up bulky tree stumps and their widespread roots, leaving you with a clean slate. At Hastings tree surgeon, we don’t use tree stump killer chemicals, just good old fashioned elbow grease!

Our heavy duty stump grinder can grind away the remains of your tree in no time.

For tree cut and stump removal services, get in touch with our team of professional and certified arborists.


hastings tree surgeon

Tree felling and removal can be a highly technical and complicated procedure. As a tree removal service company, we have invested heavily in the necessary equipment to efficiently take down and remove trees. We use precision tree felling techniques without causing unnecessary disruption to power lines or adjacent properties.

After cutting down a tree, we can dispose of it by chipping or hauling it away. We also offer emergency tree felling and removal in cases where events such as lightning may have severely damaged your tree creating a hazard.

If you have a tree felling and removal task and are looking for a local tree surgeon with these specific skills, get in touch with us.


tree planting

The importance of planting trees on your property cannot be overemphasised. However, tree planting and transplanting are not as quick and simple as they may seem. There are many factors to consider, such as  identifying the type of tree to plant and where and how to plant it. Our certified arborists will guide you into picking out the specific tree species that thrive in your area, using data on the local climate and the nature of the soil.

If your tree has been planted too deep thus affecting its root growth, the team at Hastings Tree Surgeon can help you replant it at the proper height or alternatively remove the excess soil from the root flare. Our experts in arboriculture will advise you on the best way to go about the process.

For your next tree plantation project, talk to us and we will guide you appropriately.


tree pruning

Pruning your trees into shape is a sensible approach to keeping your garden looking its best. In addition, trimming can help remove broken or dead limbs that could be a potential hazard. Instead of doing it yourself, you should consider hiring a professional company to help you identify which branches to prune and to do the job correctly.

Some of the factors we consider when assessing how to trim a tree properly include:

  • Tree location
  • Accessibility
  • The time elapsed since the tree was last pruned
  • The health of the tree including any dead or broken limbs

After a visual inspection, our team will employ the appropriate tree pruning techniques including the 1/3 and 1/4 rules, where not more than a quarter of the crown should be removed in one season and ensuring that the main side branches should be 1/3 smaller compared to the diameter of the trunk. For a professional tree trimming evaluation, get in touch with Hastings Tree Surgeon today!


tree disease

When left unchecked, tree diseases and insects can turn your shrubs and trees into liabilities. This is why our arborists are keen to ensure your tree growth is monitored at every stage for tree disease identification and treatment.

All our professionals are licensed and knowledgeable in monitoring your trees for signs of leaf discolorations, thinning canopies, and horns appearing on the tree bark. The moment our tree doctor diagnosis the problem, treatment begins immediately with an aim to restore your green assets back to health.

Some of the common diseases our tree specialist can diagnose and treat include:

  • Anthracnose
  • Fire blight
  • Cankers
  • Phytophthora root rot
  • Needle cast
  • Dutch elm disease

All our tree problems and solutions packages are custom designed to maximize the beauty and health of your property and landscape. For a complimentary consultation with our fully trained tree disease professionals, schedule an appointment today! If you have problems with your apple trees, here is some useful information from the RHS.


tree pollarding 

If you want to strictly control the appearance and growth of your trees, pollarding is the service you need. Our coppicing and pollarding specialists will help you with regular tree maintenance to ensure that health and safety specifications are met.

Not every tree is suitable for pollarding; there are those that respond well while others do not. From experience, we have found trees such as willows, oaks, and maples to be specifically exceptional in their response.

Pollarding mature trees helps them to avoid growing tall enough to interfere with critical infrastructure such as power lines or their branches growing laterally to affect traffic. As for when to pollard trees, we recommend the winter months as the best period because of the dormancy in tree growth. Also, during these months, fungal infections and pest infestations are averted. For more information about pollarding, here’s a great article from the RHS.


Do your trees look overgrown? Are you finding dead branches and leaves all the time? These are signs that your tree may be in need of crown reduction. This service involves chopping off the foliage at the top of the tree and reducing the primary branches.

Other reasons for crown reduction are that it helps your trees to grow more stably, reducing deadwood and allowing for the effective penetration of sunlight through your tree’s branches.

Our certified tree arborists know what’s best for your particular species of tree. Using specialised equipment, we will cut down the crown of your tree to the level of its secondary branches.

When done incorrectly, the much reduced canopy size can stress your trees. That’s why you need a professional who understands the formation of the crowns and how to reduce them to the appropriate size. When considering crown reducing vs topping, the former is much more preferred as it reduces chances of decay and spread of pathogens.

For professional crown reduction pruning, talk to us at Hastings Tree Surgeon and we’ll get the job done!


hastings tree lopping

Lopping refers to the removal of large side branches by making vertical cuts and topping refers to the removal of large portions of the crown of the tree by making of horizontal cuts.

As a professional tree service company, we can help you remove large tree branches, trunks, and whole tops of trees.

There are many reasons why you may decide to have your trees lopped, such as enhancing light penetration, stimulating new growth, or improving your landscape aesthetics.

In the course of the process, large tipping wounds may be left behind. Our tree loppers have the techniques and procedures to prevent the entry of pathogens through these wounds which may result into decay. For the best tree lopping service combining knowledge and experience, talk to us today!


hastings fruit tree pruning

The main reason for pruning fruit trees is to invigorate the buds and remove the dormant ones so that your trees can sprout and yield more fruit. When left unpruned, most fruit trees struggle and can stop growing altogether. There are three main reasons why pruning pear trees and other fruit trees is crucial.

  • Survival
  • Stimulation
  • Shaping

Our local tree service uses various techniques and practices we have developed over time to help you prune your fruit trees correctly. For example, we use the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock pruning angles to encourage the side branches that form within these angles on the trunk.

When pruning plum trees, we make clean sharp cuts that are close enough so that we do not leave clumsy stubs that make it difficult for the tree to heal. If you need more specifics on pruning apple trees and other fruit trees, our elite team of specialists can guide you.

Great service! The first visit took place the day after my phone call and their quote was very reasonable for the work involved, the team arrived on time and did a super job including a very thorough tidy up at the end – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

Sammy P


We had three huge poplar trees reduced in height. All aspects of the job were excellent. The guys communicated everything really clearly, arrived promptly to set everything up and cleared up all the debris from the job. Five Stars for the team!

Andy G


The guys were fantastic in what turned out to be a more difficult job then expected. An experienced team of tree surgeons can make what would appear to be a tricky job into a stroll in the park. I would not hesitate in  recommending them.

Gemma S

Tyler Hill

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